Tibet is a region which has been of interest for us since a long time. It took a year of planning before we entered Tibet for the first time. In this phase, we read books about early Western exploration of Tibet, natural history, the culture and modern political developments.

Finally, in 2005 our first trip to Tibet became reality on a bike tour from West to East across what is known as the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Since then, we are fascinated by the beauty and harshness of Tibet, we are impressed by the natives who have adapted their life style to the hardship of nature. Last not least, it is the intense colors of Tibet, that we can never again forget.

Travel Guide about Tibet.

Tibet is not only famous for its barren and wide landscape, but also for its high diversity of plant species. Rhododendron has its genetic origin in the steep mountains of East Tibet - over 400 species can be found there.