Tibet Links

"Go to Tibet and see many places. Then tell the world."
(the Dalai Lama)

Travel information for Tibet
Tibet Travel Information: Website with trafel information set up by the China Highlights Travel Services. It does contain some really good and detailed iInformation on open and closed counties, recommended sights and points of interest in each Tibetan province.
Tibet Overland: a good Tibet guide book written for cyclists and other individual tourists
Travel Notes: some information about permits and equipment (summarized by Shiva Travels Pvt Ltd)
Life on the Tibetan Plateau: A good link regarding the current travel situation in Tibet and the Alien Travel permit
SPINN Cafe: updated information regarding the permit situation
Tibet general - history, politics, culture, nature
Tibetan Govmernment in Exile's official Website
Official website of his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama
Tibet Online: information about Tibetan culture, history, and news about current politics of China in Tibet
Tibet.net: Official website of the Central Tibetan Administration
Tibet Initiative Deutschland
TibetFocus: the Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische Freundschaft - news on various topics (German)
Tibet's Past and Present: Chinese point of view on cultural, economic and social development in Tibet over the past 50 years

The Tibet Map Institute: aerial photograph maps for download

Kazak Exodus: In 1948, some twenty thousand Kazak families, with their herds of camels, sheep and horses and all their possessions, fled from Xinjiang Province on a tragic but unwavering exodus from their communist-dominated country. This online-book describes their journey of hardship across Tibet.
Tibetan alphabet

WWF China: Activities in Tibet
Tibet Environmental Watch: good resouce about environmental concerns in Tibet, wildlife, and natural history
Tibetan Flowers Encyclopedia: photographs of flowers from different climate regimes in Tibet
Flora of China:
Plants of the Henduan Shan:
Rhododendron: This plant genus is quite common in the forests of East Tibet
Geology and geomorphology of Tibet and western China: something about the formation of the Tibetan plateau
Geology of the Mekong in Yunnan:
Early European explorers in Tibet
Nain Singh: 1874 -1875; from Leh across the Changtang to Lhasa; biography
Sven Hedin: 1896, 1906-1908; the most well-known explorer of central Asia and the Chang Tang; a chronology of his life. Selections from 'Transhimalaya'.
Alexandra David-Neel: mystic and explorer, official website of Alexandra David-Neel cultural center
Heinrich Harrer: seven years in Tibet, photographs
Francis Kingdon Ward: early explorer of the Tsangpo Gorge, collected plants; biography and species list
George Forrest: another 'plant hunter', exploring botany of the Kham region; biography
Heinrich Handel-Mazzetti: a botanical pioneer in SW China
Joseph Rock: geographer and botanist. He explored the "deep gorge country" photo blog
Personal reports of tours in and to Tibet and the Himalayans (a selection)
Journey to the center of the Earth (1986): A classic one! (Richard and Nicholas Crane)
The first unsupported south to north crossing of ChangTang (1997): (Stefan Simmerer, Frank Kauper)
Corax - around the world by bicycle: I guess this is the website of the most experienced Tibet traveler I know of. First to cross the the ChangTang by bicycle from Magnai Zhen to Shuanghu! (Janne Corax)
North-to-South crossing of the ChangTang by bicycle Qiemo to Gertse (a team of four Russians)
South-to-North crossing of the ChangTang by bicycle Gertse to Qiemo (Martin Adserballe)
Corax - Route Info: detailed route descriptions of almost all major tracks in Tibet neighboring regions
Martin Adserballe's Adventure Page: route info and pictures from the Friendship Hwy, West Tibet, Karakorum Hwy, and ChangTang (Martin Adserballe)
Bicycle Travels in Tibet: many travels to different regions of Tibet; ebook of Yunnan - Tibet - Kashgar: trip 1994 for download (Ray Kreisel)
Himalayan Cyclist: Amazing pictures of trips to various regions of Tibet in winter 1995 (Hiromasa Andow)
Transhimalaya: Route description, pictures, map of a tour over the Karakourum Hwy, and from Golmund to Lhasa to Khatmandu 2002 (Beat Heim)
Himalaya Cycling: photos and information about cycling West Tibet, Friendship Hwy, Golmund Hwy (Uli Sertl)
Karakorum Highway (2005): not only good travel tips and a report, but also information about flora and fauna, and a good link collection (Sascha Rochhausen)
up the Mekong (1998): Report form a bike tour Bangkok via Kunming to Lhasa to Khatmandu (Jamyz Dilworth)
Bikeventure (2001): a charity ride from Kathmandu via Lhasa to Tongren (Marc Huber and team)
Berlin-Tibet (2001): A bike trip from Germany to Tibet (David Greve; in German)
Mit dem Fahrrad über den Himalaya (2002): nice report of a bike trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa to Bankok (Andreas Hahn; in German)
Bicycle Trip from Switzerland to Tibet (2003): great satellite photo maps, useful information about Tibet (Andreas Blum)
Keeping the Wheels Turning (2004-2005): An exciting online journal of a bike trip through Tibet on roads less traveled (Jeff Garnand)
Cycling on the roof of the world (2004): An attempt to cycle Kashgar-Ali-Kailash-Lhasa, defeated by altitude sickness, very interesting report (Mike Smith)
Mit dem Fahrrad zum heiligsten Berg der Erde (2004): Informative website about cyling Kashgar-Ali-Kailash-Everest-Lhasa, great roadbooks (Wolfgang Dressel; in German)
Vom Bodensee nach Tibet (2004-2006): Online journal of a journey from Germany to Tibet - including broken bike frame on the Xinjiang-Tibet Hwy (Andreas and Lina Killat; in German)
Kailash - A Pilgrimmage (2006): From Swizerland to Tibet via Kailash, Lhasa, East Tibet. (Beat Heim)
From France to Asia by Bike (2008): Nice information site and detailed route information West and East Tibet (Seb Fourure)
Kashgar to Kailash and north across Chang Tang (2009): Impressive tour done by Chinese cylist "Tintin". (Website, Photoalbum)
To Ulugh Muztagh by bike and further to Golmud (a team of Russians; 2009)
From Golmud to Lhasa and Kathmandu (2011): One of the few who made it after 2008 (Edward Glazer)
Xinjiang to Tibet (2011): Another aventurous person on road 219 (Charlie Walker)

Mountain&Bike (2007) Cycling and climbing in western Chang Tang; First ascend of Toze Kangri and first ascend of Tagchagpuri (Waltraud Schulze, Andy Heßberg, partly joined: Kjetil Kjernsmo, anonymous climber)
Altun Shan, cycling and climbing (2010): Photo album (Lars Bengtsson)

Tsangpo Kayak Expedition (2002): First descent of the Tsangpo Gorge by Kayak (Scott Lindgren and team)
Cherchen Kayaking expedition (a team of Russians; 2012)
Surfing on Lake NamCo: First surfing event on the Lake NamCo (Benjamino Kahuna Kahalini D’Restrepo)