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Kamchatka general
Maps of Russia: Server for downloading scans of topographic maps of various parts of Russia

The Kamchatka Page
: Good resource of information about Kamchatka
Wild Russia - Kronotsky Zapovednik
The Living Edens - Kamchatka:
Volcanos and geology of Kamchatka
Volcano World
Webcam of Shiveluch, Bezymianny, Kluchevskoy: Be aware of a 11h time-shift from Europe!
Volcanoes of Kamchatka (UN World Heritage):
Kamchatka - The Ring of Fire:
Foto gallery of Kamchatka volcanoes:
USGS - current seismic activity of Japan and Kamchatka:
Experimental and Methodical Seismology Department:
Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT): Current activity of Kamchatka volcanoes
Land resources of Russia: Information and charts about soils, vegetation, population, etc. of whole Russia
Flora and fauna of Kamchatka
Vegetation of the Russian Far East:
Flora of the Russian Far East:
Checklist of the Kamchatkan flora: A list of species
Flora of Kamchatka: Description of selected flowers and grasses
Fotos of Kamchatka plants, with names! (Hannelotte Kindlund):
Berkutenko Seedlist: You can order seeds of plants from Kamchatka and Magadan region
Electronic Atlas of Siberian Plants (Russian):

The birds of Kamchatka: A list of species
Species synopsis Steller's Sea Eagle: Appearance, habitat, distribution of the Steller's Sea Eagle
Air surveys of Steller Sea Eagle: Reports of method, success and failure to monitor the Steller's Sea Eagle
The mammals of Kamchatka: A list of species
Fauna of Kamchatka: Descriptions of Kamchatka brown bear, Stellers Sea Eagle, and salmon
Wild Salmon Center:
Entomofauna of the Kuril Islands: An online book with species descriptions, but no photographs
Kamchatka regions and population
Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire: Amazing resource of information about native peoples
Pro Sibiria e.V.: A private organization providing local support for native peoples

Klimadiagramme Petropavlovsk: Climate charts
Kamchatka exploration and history of settlement
Circumpolar History: Complete tabels of historic events for different time spans as pdf for download
Russian Scientific Expeditions
Kamchatka History of Exploring:
Exploration 18th to 20th century:
Vitus Jonassen Bering:
Explorations - Bering and Cook:
Famous people of Irkutsk:
Reports of self-organized tours in Kamchatka and other parts of Russia
Photographs of Kamchatka (Lutz Kirchner): a collection of photographs from various hiking trips; since 1996
Slowenian team cycling Kamchatka (Dominik Skumavec, Irena Kolar, Mateja Lopuh) they cycled to Esso; 2000
Abenteuer Kamtschatka (Markus Möller, Ronald Prokein): 1000 km on foot with wheelbarrows!; 2002

Igor Shpilenok - Russian Nature Photographer: great collection of nature photography of various nature protected areas all over Russia
Alexander Belousov: Geologist, volcanologist
Kamchatka travel companies (… a selection)

Russian Cycle Touring Club: offers information about cycling Russia and some organized bike tours
Kamtschatka - Land der Vulkane - Austrian travel company for individual and group travels
Diligans: Provide logistic support also for individual travelers

Kamchatka Travel Group
: Offer also organized wilderness trekking tours
Lost World Tours:
Kamchatka's Vision:
Explore Kamchatka: American company offering trips to Kamchatka
BISS Reisen: Kamtschatka
Lernidee Reisen: German travel agency specialized on travel to Russia

Hotels in Petropavlovsk with websites in English
Hotel Petropavlovsk:
Hotel Avacha:
Hotel Albatros: