Information about Tunisia

Food: you can buy most food in Tunisia. A great selection of fruit, vegetables, and spices is available on markets. Make sure you try out the typical local food in small restaurants (e.g. cous-cous), but keep in mind that in Tunisia a lot of dishes are very spicy.
Roads: Tunisia has a well developed network of good paved roads (at times with a lot of traffic!), but smaller roads in the South or in the mountain regions are gravel tracks. We spent most of the tour riding small gravel tracks in the South along the Great Southern Erg. There, tracks are very sandy reducing traveling speed significantly due to a lot of pushig. In winter time, sand is a bit more moist and thus more compact. Anyway, after a day in the sand, sand will be everywhere in your bags, clothes, etc...
Weather: In summer time it can be very hot, whereas in winter time you may experience night frosts with moderate temperatures during the day. There will always be strong wind from the Sahara Desert or the Mediterranean Sea.
General remarks: Tunisia is a very nice country for cycling, with nice landscapes and friendly locals. We always experienced helpful people looking after our bikes when shopping at the market. Also asking for permission to put up the tent nearby resulted in friendly invitations. A good network of trains and buses allows to reach the point of interest if the traveling time is short.