Fotos from Tenerife Island

some Euphorbia

Pinus canariensis



the Atlantic at Punta Roca

Sonchus spec.

Kleinia spec.

in the Teno Mountains


more Aeonium

Laurus forest

small tracks...
Euphorbia canariensis on vulcanic ashes close to the sea in the south of the island.
The highest road on the island 1200 m below the top of the Teide. In March there may still be some remainig snow.
The summit! We climed Teide in a snow storm. There were thick ice crusts on our jackets and there summit was in fog.
Descent from the Teide through the typical pine forest.
Winding road up and into the Teno Mountains.
Camping in Lava near the coast at the south-western lighthouse.