Fotos from the Siberian winter

Arrival with the snow plane. The research site is located in the Pine forest on the western side of the Yenisei around 63°north. In winter it is only accessible by plane or by truck via the frozen Yenisei.
Some impressions of the forest in winter

a snow-capped fallen tree

a tree which died in a bush fire some years ago...

the pine forest with 1m of fine snow. The west-side of the tree trunks is covered with snow

a more open forest in the midday sun

a ski-trip through the forest to the measuring station

the midday-sun and a small halo rainbow (right)
Some impressions of the bog in winter

the daily ski-trip to the measuring station in the bog

small pine trees in the bog

at -50°C fog condeses over the forest

solar panels in the bog to supply electricity for the meteorologic measurements. In winter a generator had to be run because sunlight was too weak.
The small village Zotino covered in snow
Ice sculptures in Krasnoyarsk