Fotos from Namibia and Botswana

Always thirsty - in the heat of the desert.

sunset in the savannah


cows crossing...

flowers in the Okavango Delta

Mokoro boats in the Okavango Delta

in a village

Guinnea fowel crossing

what a termite mount!

early in the morning

Welwitschia mirabilis

Skeleton Coast

Swakopmund - the "German" city


Kokerboom forest

Fish River Canyon

the Orange River

campsite at the Orange River

sand, wind...

"Namib Rand" reserve

Crossing the Kalahari (near Toteng) on the way from Ghanzi to Maun - this road is now (year 2002) sealed...
A dead elephant in the Mopane forest in the Okavango Delta.
The road along the western side of the Okavango Delta entering Namibia in the Caprivi Strip.
Rest at noon under the only tree we had found for miles... (northern Namib Desert, west of Khorixas).
Andy's bike next to the desert plant Welwitschia (west of Khorixas).
Skeleton Coast: Cold air from the Atlantic Ocean meets hot air from the deset leading to fog formation. The wind is cold.
The famous red sand dunes of the Namib Desert.
Riding along the Namib sand desert, in the wind.
On the way back to Windhoek (before the Gamsberg-Pass) near the Farm "Rostock".
The start of the Gamsberg-Pass on our way back to Windhoek after two months on the road.