Fotos from Mongolia

Follow our bike tour through the steppe (pictures 1 and 2), around the Changai Mountains, into the Gobi desert (pictures 3 to 13), and the mountain range near Dalanzadgad (pictures 14 and 15).

Mongolian and German flag on the BOB-Yak trailer

green steppe, forest and gers

Lava fields of Chorgo Crater

the Larix forest

big mountains of the Changai

ancient and modern ways of traveling

Mongolian kids


a dried out lake

Saxaul trees in the desert

some desert plant

another desert plant

Gobi desert

Gov-Altai mountains

view from Gov-Altai to the desert


A small settlement of tents (gers) in the Changai mountains after the first snow
Riding with the BOB-Yak trailer
Sometimes navigation is difficult ...
The endless landscape of Gobi Desert