Fotos from Kungsleden hike

Lappland Plants

the list of species, completed over many years.

Swamps and Bogs:
Sphagnum with Empetrum and Rubus chamaemorus.
Eriophorum scheuchzeri.
Birch forest
Cicerbita alpina. Usually found with Salix species in moist areas of the birch forest.
Cornus suecica. The red berries are not edible!
A mushroom which is now too old to eat!
Alpine tundra shrubs:
Arctostaphylos alpinus. Leaves turn red in fall, and the black berries are not edible.
Betula nana with yellow leaves in fall.
Rhododendron lapponicum. Growing on calcareous rock outcrops.
Rock outcrops:
Dryas octopetala. Also found on calcareous soils.
Ranunculus glacialis. It grows only on very poor soils in higher altitudes (above 900m).

Panoramic views

The Sälka-Glacier

view from the mountain Sokkertoppen into the Sälka valley

The lake Abiskojaure