Fotos from the Australian Deserts

A view from Big Red sand dune (Simpson Desert).

through the farmland north of Adelaide

Kangaroos in the Flinders Ranges

the Mawson Trail in the Flinders Ranges

more Mawson Trail

track in the Flinders Ranges

a hot shower on the Birdsville Track

a lizzard on the trailer

before the rain...

Stuart Stony Desert

before the rain...

after the rain...

bike in the mud

bog, mud, clay...

after the rain. flooded track.

Birdsville Pub

back on the bitumen road east of Windorah

Eucalyptus forest in the Expedition Ranges

Expedition Team in the Expedition Ranges

Bottle trees on a field

arrival in Gladstone

The Eucalypt forest in the Flinders Ranges.